• Health Conditions Induced By Alcohol Use
    Health Conditions Induced By Alcohol Use
    Alcohol use, especially in an excessive amount, is a risk factor for many diseases. Currently, millions of people globally lose lives every year because of alcohol related diseases.
  • Eating Healthy to Live Younger for Longer
    Eating Healthy to Live Younger for Longer
    Everyone wants to live young. Want to ‘Live 18 until you die?’ Well, you need to think about a number of things. Everyone wants the coveted radiant and smooth skin
  • Things To Know When You Battling Depression
    Things To Know When You Battling Depression
    There are hundreds of millions of people all over the world battling depression every day. Many of them keep their painful feelings and thoughts to themselves.


Natural ways to whiten the skin around your intimate areas

You can whiten your intimate area! Yes, you heard it right; you can whiten your vagina, bikini, butt, and any other area you count intimate. But how can you improve your skin tone? There are many ways out there, but I know you are all about having the safest one to achieve that.

If you are wondering about the natural ways to whiten the skin around your intimate areas, here is the help you need;

Orange or Lemon

These two have whitening properties. Their acidity and antibiotic properties give them an edge when it comes to this task. You can squeeze out the juice or slice them in 2-halves and rub them on your thigh or wherever you want. You should leave the juice on your skin for at least 20 minutes. For better results get fresh fruits to take advantage of their high acidity.


Herbal vaginal cream

If it is your vagina you want to get rid of the dark spots, vaginal creams from herbs will get the job done. They are exclusively made from natural herbs and they are safe to use. They work by improving metabolism, which in turn reduce the production of melanin. It should be applied twice a day if you want to get excellent results faster.

You can also check out the reviews of anal bleaching cream products.


This one has been known for as long as humanity for beauty needs. In modern times, it is used in creams, soaps, masks, and toners. Tore out the inner side of the fruit and rub it on your thighs and butt. You should let the sap remain there for 20 or more minutes. The whitening properties really do a good job, and after a few days, you will be ‘pinky’ on your intimate areas.



If you cannot find orange or lemon, you can as well go for this fruit. It has stronger acidity and gives you results faster. It is a small green fruit found in the Philippines and has quite a name when it comes to whitening intimate areas like thighs and the butt. You have to rub its sap on the dark spots and leave it there for 20 minutes.

If you cannot stand those dark spots in your vagina, butt, thighs or bikini areas; you should be more than happy you find a natural way to deal with them. The good thing with these natural ways is that they do not come with any big risk. They are easy to find, and you can do them from the comfort of your home.


Things To Know When You Battling Depression

There are hundreds of millions of people all over the world battling depression every day. Many of them keep their painful feelings and thoughts to themselves thus taking a long time before seeking professional help. This augments the plights of depression, and before they know it, they find it very challenging to battle the illness.

You can fight depression by having the right information and following the appropriate guidance given by a health professional. These are essential because they have a significant influence on the healing process of depression. Therefore the things to know when you battling depression are imperative because they will help you in overcoming the problem

The various things to find out when you battling depression

5465r6u5ryytr6  When you are fighting depression, it is quite challenging to do things that make you feel better because depression will drain your drive, hope and energy thus leaving you weak both physically and emotionally. You have to acknowledge these things and make positive decisions that will help you control your feelings and beliefs.

Depression is just like any other disease and therefore you should not feel defective. The disease can be caused by a wide range of reasons. When you are fighting depression, continue valuing yourself and feeling robust and significant on earth.

There are several myths about depression that make people believe that battling depression is very expensive and nearly impossible. Understand that these are just myths with no medical proof or whatsoever. If you are unsure of something, seek clarification from a health professional and don’t start abusing alcohol as it is not a refuge especially at this point

You should embrace depression and utilize it as a tool towards self-discovery. Some people do not take depression seriously and take it as one of their usual down periods. What they do not know is that when depression is left to develop, it will affect their whole life. In other words, depression is a disease that will affect your sleep patterns, appetite, concentration, self-esteem and even speech.

What are the available depression treatments

ru546tyft6rt4eThere are various treatments for depression. These entail medication, therapy and natural treatments such as lifestyle changes. All these mean that you can treat depression and restore your quality health and living.
Also, among the things to know is that it is almost impossible to battle depression on your own. Since fighting this illness largely depends on your personal decisions and actions; you have to involve your family, close friends and health professionals. Getting support from these people will make it easier and faster for you to fight depression.


Health Conditions Induced By Alcohol Use

Alcohol use, especially in an excessive amount, is a risk factor for many diseases. Currently, millions of people globally lose lives every year because of alcohol related diseases. Before you decide on what volume of alcohol to consume, it is important to know the various health conditions induced by alcohol use. This will help in understanding the potential consequences of drinking.

54u5ry8y8Despite the many health conditions that are induced by alcohol use, many people still consume this substance. One of the reasons may be because they do not fully understand that alcohol consumption causes different health conditions. If you have a chance to avoid or stop drinking alcohol, do not hesitate to do so because you will have saved yourself from a variety of health conditions.

10 health conditions due to alcohol use

1. Cancer

Including cancer of the throat (pharynx), mouth, breast, liver, voice box (larynx), colon and esophagus. When alcohol is consumed, the body converts it into a carcinogen substance called acetaldehyde, which intensifies risks of cancer.

2. Anemia

Alcohol reduces the number of red blood cells in the body resulting in anemia. This condition triggers several symptoms such as lightheadedness, breath shortness, and fatigue.

3. Depression

Studies have shown that many heavy drinkers usually feel depressed. This is because alcohol damages the normal functioning of the brain thus initiating depression symptoms.

4. Cardiovascular disease

Excess alcohol causes blood clotting, which can initiate stroke or heart attack, cardiomyopathy, and atrial fibrillation.

5. High blood pressure

Alcohol upsets the normal functioning of the nervous system resulting in a rise in blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to several health conditions, such as heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, etc.

6. Cirrhosis

Alcohol usually damages the liver cells making the liver incapable to function normally.

7. Dementia

This is a health condition where the brain shrinks. Alcohol increases the rate at which the brain shrinks leading to symptoms such as memory loss and inability to solve problems, make judgments or plan

8. Gout

Alcohol plays a significant role in the formation of gout, which is caused when uric acid crystals form in the joints. When other factors cause the disease, alcohol aggravates it.

9. Pancreatitis

This is another health condition that is directly induced by alcohol use. Alcohol typically fuels the pancreas. This affects the digesting system leading to persistent diarrhea and severe abdominal pain.

10. Seizures

y5eh5e6i457tuExcessive consumption of alcohol has been linked to epilepsy and is also said to cause seizures.

Alcohol use also induces other infectious diseases such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and several sexually transmitted infections (STDs). This is because excess alcohol use reduces the immune system and triggers drinkers to engage in risky behaviors such as irresponsible sexual activity.